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ECO506 Enterprise has been a fixture in the Greater MONCTON, New Brunswick since 2012 when founder DAVID BANDEKE opened a business in this bustling area. Located on 21 Clair Crescent, MONCTON, New Brunswick, E1C 4J3, Canada,

The company recycles Electronics (computers, TV, Radio stereo, cellulars, Camera, Iron box, Tablets, Printer, Speaker, etc.)
The  are separated by grade, cleaned and prepared to ship off to larger supply companies. In Uganda / Africa

Most businesses do not realize the impact of e-waste on the local and world environments; they simply view their obsolete electronics as trash. According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 2009 statistics, 3.19 million tons of e-waste were generated, and this number continues to grow.1

Some electronic device components contain constituents that, if improperly handled, could be harmful to the environment and its inhabitants. E-waste that is not recycled ends up in the environment. Water is poisoned, air turns toxic, soil becomes dead, and wildlife and plant life suffer. Certain components of electronics contain measurable amounts of regulated heavy metals, including lead, silver, barium, cadmium and mercury. Many of these metals can be recovered and responsibly disposed of, based upon Environmental Protection Agency standards.

ECO506 Enterprise technician’s team are qualifier in IT for testing, separating every single parts of computer and other electronics device,and  make sure all parts are separated and  bring back in life some other computers   witch  will be donate to new immigrants families with a refugee status in New Brunswick.

The mission of ECO 506 Enterprise is to provide the community of the Greater  MONCTON, and all New Brunswick with secure Environment, and make sure  not  plethora of toxic substances is going in our landfill.



WHY ECO506 Enterprise

According to industry research from

New Brunswick is the only Maritime province that did not have a program in place to deal with electronic waste, but it's time now for that to change.


When an old television, computer or any other electronic device reaches the end of its usefulness it is usually put to the curb and taken to the landfill.

ECO506 Enterprise is a company that puts available a free program that allows the responsible recycling of Electronics in the Region

Environment Canada estimates Canadians produce enough e-waste, 'to fill up the Toronto Rogers Center every 15 years.'—Environment Canada

The gadgets Canadians toss out each year are estimated to put 4,750 tonnes of lead, 4.5 tonnes of cadmium and 1.1 tonnes of mercury into landfills, all of which are at risk of leaching into ground water.​
These toxic substances are linked to health issues such as kidney damage and neurological impairment.
While they contain toxic substances, the old computers, cellphones and television sets Canadians send to landfills each year are also full of useful ferrous metals



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